15, Gt. Stanhope Street. W.
June 21 [1874]

MS UCLA collection 100 box 119

Dear Miss Yonge,
I hope you will excuse me for writing to you without an introduction under the following circumstances.

The most eminent Clergyman in Holland, Revd Dr. Kuyper told me that he is very curious to see you to thank you for the effect the Heir of Redclyffe had upon him.1 In Philip he saw a mirror of his own character, at least in its deficiencies & the change which you described in that character had such an effect upon him as to result in what he calls his conversion. He intends to come to Broadlands on 17 July—Saturday to meet Mr. and Mrs. Pearsall Smith & some others who are interested in the views which they have adopted as to Sanctification by Faith.2

My wife & I would be very much pleased if you would come to Broadlands at that time and stay with us for a few days.

yrs faithfully
W. Cowper Temple

1Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920), Dutch Reformed Calvinist theologian, founder of the Free University of Amsterdam and Prime Minister of the Netherlands 1901-5, experienced a religious conversion after reading The Heir of Redclyffe in the early 1860s.
21Edward H. Milligan, ‘Smith, Hannah Whitall (1832–1911)’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford University Press, 2004) gives 17-23 July 1874 as the date of the visit to Broadlands by Smith and her husband Robert Pearsall Smith (1827–1898).

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