Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
24 November 1877

MS Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

My dear Elizabeth

I believe (reluctantly) that you are right and that Ebb & Flow is too apposite to the present fashion to bear postponement, I think Macmillan would take such a story as that, and do well by it, I hope to send it off on Monday.1

Gertrude thanks much for the paper about the works She has sent off a parcel today Yes, M.Guizot gave me that history of France as it came out and having lately achieved binding it, it becomes a most agreeable possession, and Gertrude is diligently reading it through. The pictures are delightful.1 Have you read Uarda – It is very like being in Egypt allowing for a slight tincture of the German scholar. About the sling – if Frank once began with a solid one, I don’t think he would have taken to the awkwardness of a handkerchief – which is rather a thing extemporized for a day or two’s hurt.

What is that fresh zest of life made of – does it come from inside or outside or both. I fancy the outside ingredient must be something to surmount, and in the inward the spirit to try.

Yours affectionately
C M Yonge

1CMY wished to publish Wordsworth's novel in MP, but could not do so immediately.
2Perhaps his L’histoire de France depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu’en 1789, racontée à mes petits-enfants . . . illustré . . d’après les dessins d’A de Neuville, 5 vols (Paris 1870-6).

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