Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
March 11th 1878

MS British Library Add MSS 54921: 50-511

Dear Mr Craik

I see you are advertising a new edition of the Christian names. I hope the printing has not gone too far for the corrections to be put in. I have a copy perfectly full of them. The Greek has all manner of wrong accents. The Saturday complained of ‘the frightful look of the Greek’2 I have the vols all corrected and have been longing for a chance to set them right. Then all that about the letters of the alphabet ought to be made away with, for I puzzled it out in ignorance of Grimm’s law, and am ashamed of it now, and there are hundreds of other blunders. So I trust it is not too late to correct them.

There is also a mistake in Pioneers and Founders where I said Thomas Scott was a Dissenter which was not true I promised to rectify this when I could but there is nothing so hard as trying to catch an edition for alteration.

The Story of the Moors is nearly ready to send you. I should like however first to see Major Osborns Islam (Vol 1) It might take a more philosophical view than the authorities I am using

Yours truly
C M Yonge

1Black-edged paper.
2'Miss Yonge's History of Christian Names' Saturday Review (ii July 1863), 58-60, 59, had referred to 'the frightful look of Miss Yonge's Greek'.
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