Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
April 2nd 1878

MS British Library Add MSS 549211

Dear Mr Craik

I am exceedingly puzzled. I am sure I wrote on to the end of the history of France, and that Mr Greene had it and wrote to me that it only came to 86 pp, and that I must make it longer. What can have become of the latter part? What did he go upon if he had it not in type to the end? Besides, I believe I had it in type but the printers must know best. I should have said I was certain I have had and corrected on the other end, but that if the printers have it not, that becomes impossible

I should like to know whether Mr Greene saw the whole of the pages, or only calculated[.] I must supply them of course if they are no where, but I can hardly do so till after Easter[.] I am working hard to finish up the Story of the Moors, and then be in London for a few days in the second week after Easter

I suspect that the 2nd part of my Copy must have been lost – or it may have gone to Clay as I did not at first know that Clowes was doing the primer – and Mr Greene must have written from calculation2

Yours truly
C M Yonge

1Black-edged paper.
2This relates to the History of France CMY was contributing to Macmillan's 'Historical Primers' series edited by John Richard Green.
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