Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Feb 20th 1880

MS Devon Record Office, Exeter 53/10/9/3

Dear Madam

I am today sending your book to Macmillans 29 and 30 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, and asking if they can give you one of my books to illustrate. It might be a good plan for you to call there, tomorrow or next day. Send up your card and ask for Mr Craik or Mr Macmillan, mentioning my name.

If you cannot call, write, and say how the book shall be returned asking if they can give you a commission to do some illustrations.

After that I will write to Marcus Ward, who deals more in illustrations, and is going to publish the Bear and the Goblin in a book of poetry1

yours truly
C M Yonge

1Francis Dawson, 'The Bear and the Goblin' was included in CMY's anthology Aunt Charlotte's Evenings at Home with the Poets (London: Marcus Ward 1881). Perhaps it was one of the texts the unknown woman had illustrated.
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