June 25 [1886]

MS British Library Add MSS 54921: 151-2:

Dear Mr Craik

I should like to find out how much the lady cares who urged me to write before answering. Whether I will go on with this personal history, and whether time is still important, for it was the hurry that oppressed me.1

The copyright of Householders and Thoughts on Pictures is mine.

I quite see that all ought not to come too much together, but I do think Householders is worth the having soon, for children by the sea get interested in shells, and I never saw a book meant for them about conchology that was not utter nonsense.

But no doubt this wants touching up.

There are a good many stories by good authors in that Magnet series and it is a pity they should be all lost.

Even as I regret Miss Keary’s Letters on Egypt. Also a story of hers published hitherto only in Aunt Judy’s Magazine about some capital school boys.2 I wish you and her sister would revive that!

Yours truly
C M Yonge

1This seems to be a reference to some autobiographical writings, perhaps those reprinted by Coleridge, Life 1-119, or those subsequently printed as 'A Real Childhood' in Mothers in Council (1892-3).
2Perhaps 'The Cousins and their Friends' Aunt Judy's Magazine (May 1866-December 1867).
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