Elderfield Otterbourne Winchester
Sept 2d 1887

MS The Marquess of Salisbury, Hatfield House 3MCH/5/3/2

My dear Lady Salisbury

When I was at Oxford in the spring I promised Canon Bright to ask you whether it was true that some papers had been found at Hatfield which threw some light on the genuineness of the Casket Letters of Queen Mary. I thought I would wait to write to you till the whirl of summer occupation had a little gone by, but one might as well wait for a river to run dry (or better perhaps in such a season as this) So I venture to ask if you will be so kind as to ask your librarian1 to tell me whether there has been any such discovery

I remain
yours truly
C M Yonge

And now I see you are at Dieppe. However I shall let this pursue you!

1Richard Thompson Gunton (1846-1921), librarian at Hatfield House 1878-1921.

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