Ascension Day [20 May], 1852.

MS location unknown. Printed in Dulce Domum, 98.

My dear Dr. Moberly,
Of all days in the year this is one that I should specially have chosen for receiving the note Mamma sent on this morning.1 Indeed I do thank you and Mrs. Moberly very much for giving me a Pearl to think of every day. How I shall look forward to the christening day and to having a possession of my own in your house! I wonder what you will think of my venturing, since you said nothing about a second name, to say how much I should like, if you have not no other view, for her to be Margaret Helen; though, as it is for the sake of nothing but some fancies of my own, it does not deserve to be twice thought about, and I hope you will forgive my mentioning it. I am very glad to hear such a comfortable account of Mrs. Moberly. I am sure this is weather to recover in and Daisies to thrive in.

1The Moberlys had asked her to be godmother to their youngest daughter Margaret Helen Moberly (22 April 1852-1939).

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