Otterbourn Winchester
March 21st [1854]

MS Princeton University, Parrish Collection, C0171 Box 291

Dear Sir,
There are a few slight corrections of the ‘Heir of Redclyffe’ which I will send in a day or two. I am glad to learn that this edition has sold off so well, but I think we should take it into consideration whether it might not be better still further to lessen the price. I have been much urged by influential persons to publish a large and really cheap edition, such as would fall into the hands of a more extensive class of purchasers, and this would certainly well accord with my own views. I see that Lady Catherine Long’s ‘Sir Roland Ashton2 originally a three volume novel is now published at 2/ and the great sale that books thus cheaply printed obtain would seem to point this out as a desirable measure now that the work has become known

I remain
Yours faithfully
C.M. Yonge

1Black-edged paper.
2Sir Roland Ashton: A Tale of the Times (1844), an anti-tractarian novel by Lady Catherine (Walpole) Long (d. 1867). The edition referred to was advertised in The Times (10 March 1854), 13.
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