July 19th [1854]

MS Historical Society of Pennsylvania: Gratz Collection: Case 10, Box 36. British Authors. Printed by Green, 'Two Popular Novelists'.

Dear Sir
I am much obliged by your sending me the account of ‘The Little Duke’ and the accompanying £100. I should be glad if, in sufficient time beforehand, you would be kind enough to tell me your opinion with regard to a second edition, and whether it would be advisable to renew it in the present form, or to have one much smaller and cheaper.

I have also to thank you for ‘The Plurality of Worlds’, I had seen the first edition of that remarkable book but I am very glad to possess this with the additional matter at the commencement.

I suppose 400 pages will not make the volumes too large. I do not know whether the printer has taken into account that most of the latter part of the M S is written less closely than the earlier portions

Yours faithfully
C M Yonge

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