April 12th [1859]

MS Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter/ Yonge 1859/31

My dear Miss Smith
I hope and trust the tale is safe, I sent it off with the letter on Saturday, in a brown paper cover and a shilling stamp which our post office told me was the sufficient sum. If it be not come, we must write to the General Post Office but I hope to hear it is all right, as I know the book post will sometimes detain a heavy parcel for a day or two. It has been haunting me ever since my letter went that I made lain the participle of the active to lay, instead of of the neuter to lie. I believe one always knows less of English grammar than of any other. By the by, I hope you will not think I wished anything to be said to diminish the inexpediency of cousins marrying. I think old Sir John was very right Thank you about Robert. Those people are very real to me. I enclose a note for Mr Parker which I hope may induce him to consider it favorably, unless he thinks it out of his line. I hope you will let me know if it has safely arrived. I am so glad poor Robert and Sophy will be allowed to be together. In a day or two I hope to send the next division of East London, please to direct it on straight to Messrs Mozley at Derby instead of sending it back to me

yours sincerely
C M Yonge

1This letter evidently belongs in the empty envelope catalogued as MS Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter/ Yonge 1859/4: an empty envelope addressed to Miss Ann Smith/ Rectory/ Old Charlton/ London/ SE and postmarked Winchester 12 April 1859 and London SE 13 April (year illegible).
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