Otterbourne, Winchester.
June 24th 1859

MS Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter/ Yonge 1859/71

My dear Miss Smith
Here is £8..4 for your kind help in the course of the last half year. I think Frances has been entirely successful. The sole criticism I have heard is that she might have found plenty of misery at the West End – but then as her father was a landowner in the East, I think she had every call thither.

Thank you for your promise of a story for that far away date Christmas twelve month. I did mean one of the Aggesden kind of length, but I think stories settle their own length better than one can do it for them beforehand.

I hope Mr Parker will soon think the times good enough for Aggesden

[the rest missing with the signature]

1Envelope addressed to Miss A C Smith/ Rectory/ Old Charlton/ London/ SE and postmarked Winchester 24 June 1859 and London SE 25 June 1859. The paper has been cut to remove the signature.

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