Decr 14th 1891

MS Hampshire Record Office 9M55F56/12

Dear Mrs Packe
I hope the weather will remain fine to the end of this sad day. I shall think of you in the lower end of the Church yard beside the grave of that life long friend. The loss to you must be unspeakable. You and your Sister were with with [sic] her as very little girls, younger than your children are now the first time I ever was at Testwood. How glad you will always be that they are old enough to have a distinct memory of her, and happy recollections of the Knoll. I hope it will remain as it is with all the heather. She was always full of them and talked about them last time like Grandchildren. Some time, when you or Miss Martin have time to write, I should like very much to know what becomes of the Knoll, and what the three old servants do. I have no doubt that she has secured their welfare.

I doubt whether any way my notice have been put in this week, but if sent no later than Wednesday I think it will get in, only as it is rather long already, I think it will hardly be safe to add very much to the length, without omitting something.

With kind regards to Miss Martin

Yours sincerely
C M Yonge

1Penelope Packe and her sister Laura had been brought up by Anne Sturges Bourne (1809-9 December 1891) who had just died. CMY had evidently written an obituary for a weekly newpaper, possibly the Guardian.

2Black-edged paper.

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