October 10, 18911

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life 335

My dear Helen
Mr. Brock brought me in both the telegrams and was very kind. Of course what all knew must be sooner or later could not be a great shock, but all my letters were going with accounts of his having borne the journey so well. It is better for mamma and all of you to have had no lingering, and no associations for the new house.2 I hope she is keeping up well; I don’t write to burthen her. You can tell me what I can do for you, but I suppose we cannot hear till Tuesday.

Poor Harriet has been saying how he used to sit on her knee and kiss her when he was a tiny child. Well, he was very faithful and very loving, though we are all reserved, and it is another link with where our hearts should be. Poor Gertrude’s leg is very bad.

Your most affectionate
C. M. Yonge

4.30 .- George and Lucy have been here, and wish to offer a bed if it is wanted.2

1Coleridge dates the letter 1892, but public records confirm that Julian died on 17 October 1891.
2Otterbourne House had been sold and Julian and his family moved to 70 Kensington Gardens Square, where he almost immediately died.
3George and Lucy Yonge lived at Stoke Lodge, Bishopstoke, which was near enough to accommodate anyone attending Julian’s funeral.

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