August 21, 1893.

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life, 313.

My dearest Lizzie-
We had found all your names among the 5200 in the wonderful book all bound with daisies down the back, which came as a great surprise, two Moberlys leaving it and Queen Margherita at the door, and then whisking off so that they were not recognised or followed up. However, I have had a few days with them in their home at Salisbury and heard all the ins and outs and how it began. The old and present scholars here, 300 of them, gave me a present too. They ranged from seventy-two years old to five! Queen Margherita signified about it to Lady Sophia Palmer. It is a most lovely face in her photograph.

We had a nice cool garden at Salisbury where we sat most of the time I was there. I must tell you that one pleasure there on the 15th and 16th of August is that just at sunset the sunbeams come in from a west window in the north transept, and weave a parting crown on the Figure on the Cross in the central compartment of the Reredos. It was exactly there on the 15th as the clock struck seven, then it rose up as the sun went down, and was gone in about two minutes. It came on the 16th, but though brighter not so well in the centre at the time, and was gone on the 17th. It was curious that the first time the Moberlys saw it I was with them, ten years ago. 1 believe Canon Gordon found it out first.

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