Decr 21st 1897

MS Girton College Cambridge, Yonge VII 5

My dear Canon Warburton
Would it be asking too much of your kindness to ask you to glance over this paper and see whether it is an advisable one to have in Mothers in Council. I do not know whether you have heard of the Mother’s Union, started by Mrs G Sumner (the wife of the Bishop of Guildford) at first for poor women, to rouse them to some heed to the training of their children but it gradually spread to ladies &c. and indeed quite as much counsel seems to be needed by them as by cottage women.

‘The need of an ‘organ’ was soon felt, and faute de mieux, I have had to edit the quarterly ‘Mothers in Council’ of which I send a specimen since we are told that Mothers are afraid to teach their children Scripture from what they gather of the ‘Higher Criticism[‘].

I am afraid the subject must be opened but I am very anxious to do it in the right way

Yours very sincerely
C M Yonge

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