August, 111 1898.

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life p. 329

Dearest Marianne-
I have the sketch-book still (only it is at the bottom of some dusty hoards, which I have not time to irritate to-day) with all our party on Bishopstoke Hill. Dear Marianne, it is much to be thankful for to have a real friend of one’s youth on into ‘boar hairs,’ and friends and household do all they can to make it a bright day. Emily Awdry comes for two days to-day. She will be in time to see those lovely pancratiums in their glory. My flowers were gathered and made up yesterday; they are not so beautiful as yours, but they have the merit of lasting.

Do you remember that Amaranth on the lucus a non lucendo principle was Mr. Wither’s New College name?2 I have a bunch that has lasted on a whole year. (Botanically I know these are not amaranths.)

Yes, my dear Charles Yonge, gone now fifty years ago, had the same birthday. I have been routing out the record of old scenes at Puslinch, which delight Helen greatly, and bring back old faces long gone.-

Your most affectionate

1CRC’s note: Her birthday. She wrote on her birthday regularly to Miss M. A. Bigg-Wither.
2'lucus a non lucendo' was a phrase offering an incorrect etymology for the word 'lucus', a grove, from being not light; the implication might be that Mr Wither had a pale complexion and was therefore named after the crimson amaranth.

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