Oct 18th [18971]

MS West Devon Area Record Office Ac 1092/22

My dear Mary
How nice to have two letters from you together! You are alone, as I am for a fortnight as Helen comes on the 30th, and Lottie has just left me, but I am not sorry for a little quiet time. Thank you for letting me see those letters, I think almost Grandmamma’s last words to Dr Harris were ‘Don’t let Fanny be in a scene not fit for her,’ and we were waiting in the schoolroom But I did not recollect that quiet preparation I think she was 89 2

I am sorry to hear John gives up Collaton, I suppose he cannot find anyone so comfortable to work with as Mr Barker, but he will miss the interests. Mr Buck has been over here for the Diocesan Conference, grown very stout, and stooping so much that he looks almost deformed, I believe it is with bending over his bicycle. I did not go to the Diocesan Congress being much wanted at the GFS one at Southampton this year. We had two Colonial ladies there from Melbourne and from New Zealand, and it was quite an infusion of spirit and vigour. We had a query whether we should direct to a kitchen maid ‘Miss’ In the midst came a telegram of Mrs Hervey’s death, the person who built the beautiful home at Shanklin That is safe, but she gave £70 a year to the chaplain and £100 to the doctor.

I wonder when you will come and see our Church! I suppose you cannot think of it while the days are getting shorter. How warm it is though, and the trees such bright colours. My doves are not everywhere like yours, poor things. They were warbling all the summer and only now have become fit to be seen. Yes, it is a terrible catastrophe in that story of mine, but such things do so often appear in the newspapers, that I thought the matter needed to be put before the young in the true light. I read about a young lad doing just like Greystone some years ago. I am afraid we are not changing our squires for the better – the Ingons? are going away and have let their house to a man who breeds horses, and has brought down twelve! I met Lady Susan Blunt3 at the conference. She had not seen Jane Moore this year but last year had asked her how she could do such things to her hair, and apparently it was to please her husband! What a misfortune for St Peter’s Plymouth! I wonder if there was a flaw in the stone though certainly people are careless at Exeter station Emily BluntMiss Finlaisons governess, lost her bicycle there at the beginning of the holidays and only recovered it at the end with £3 compensation

your most affectionate
C M Yonge

1Dated with reference to the death of Mary Nunn Harvey in 1897.
2If CMY's grandmother was the Mary Kingsman christened at Botley in 1751 (according to the IGI) she was about 92.
3Lady Susan (Nelson) Blunt was related to Jane Moore’s husband, Alexander Montgomery Moore.

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