Elderfield Otterbourne
March 27 [1900]

MS West Devon Area Record Office Acc No 308

My dear Mary
I hope Sydney is as much better as I am, I believe I should be well if the East wind would mitigate itself, but we had showers of snow yesterday, and more looks possible today. Helen has been so good as to come down and look after me as her mother has Mrs Mansfield (Georgina Halliday) staying with her Her husband is an army doctor, and ordered out – and she is a niece they are fond of. She has been at Aldershot where the Moores are in a temporary lodging, as Lady Audrey Buller does not turn out of Govt House -–1 She – G Mansfield says it is very troublesome, having militia and volunteers who know nothing of real army discipline and don’t like being pulled up –

Helen had a nice courteous letter from Princess Christian in her own hand to thank for the things she sent.

Fancy a lady sending for the soldiers a lot of old envelopes to be turned out and used to draw upon! I hope the useful things do get out and not delayed by government arrangements

What flowers Charlotte must be seeing

your most affectionate
C M Yonge

1General Montgomery Moore had succeeded to the Aldershot command on the departure for South Africa of General Sir Redvers Buller.
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