March 30th [1900]

MS West Devon Area Record Office Acc No 308

My dear Mary
You will like to hear that Maurice and Maude have had tea with Jane Moore in her hufet at Aldershot, which Maude says is exceedingly pretty, but they are having very hard work for 40000 men are expected at Aldershot altogether, and it generally holds 15000 and those regular soldiers whereas all these have little notion of more than a summer diversion and are very hard to bring into discipline- I do not know if Ulick is with them.1

I am to my own feeling quite well, only still hoarse, and they wont let me outside the house till the wind changes – and we had 10 degrees of frost last night – They have been having snow at Fleet –

So Joubert is dead. I believe he was more of a gentleman in his ways than old Kruger but I am afraid there is still a great battle to come-2

I must have made a great blundering in directing letters to you and Helen — One place seemed to flow out of the Miss Yonge

I hope Sydney is getting better

your affte
C M Yonge

1Ulick was probably Jane’s nephew Major the Hon. James Ulysses Graham Raymond Colborne (1863- 1955), later 4th Lord Seaton.
2Piet Joubert (1834-1900), commander of the Transvaal army, and Paul Kruger (1825-1904) were leaders of the Boers.

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