Oct 21st [after 18751]

MS Princeton University, Parrish Collection

My dear Bishop2

I find the apples are come but the arrival was not notified to me – and I had been blaming the rail way! Please tell me what there is to pay for them as I do not think my account came with them I suppose 8/ altogether but I am not sure

A busy week is coming between Diocesan Conference and G F S. How surpassingly lovely are the Autumn tints I gathered 86 varieties of flowers in the Garden on Tuesday

Yours sincerely
C M Yonge

1The Girls’ Friendly Society was founded in 1875, and Diocesan Conferences seem to have started in Winchester diocese in 1877.
2CMY was accustomed to address Bishops with great respect, and the informal tone of this letter thus rules out several with whom she was acquainted. Perhaps George Henry Sumner, who was appointed suffragan Bishop of Guildford in late 1888, is the most likely candidate.

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