Site Name Belbora, between Gloucester & Wingham
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Binghi
Colony NSW
Present State/Territory NSW
Police District
Coordinates (imprecise to approx. 250m) -32.007,152.185,0
Date Between 1 Jan 1834 and 31 Dec 1834
Attack Time Day
Aboriginal People Killed 6
Aboriginal People Killed Notes 6+ MWC
Non-Aboriginal People Killed 0
Non-Aboriginal People Killed Notes
Attacker Category
Attacker Details
Motive Reprisal
Type Of Motive
Weapons Used Poisoning, strychnine
Narrative AA Co employees left damper poisoned with strychnine in the huts, and a number of Binghi perished. Carried out in reprisal for the stealing of flour.
Sources Blomfield 1981:122; Newcastle Morning Herald, July 25, 1964. (Sources PDF)
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