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Maitland Circuit Court Depositions. March/April 1849.


A773 Correspondence – Wallis to Macquarie, May 4, 1816.

A860 Rowland Hassall Papers, Vol.2, part 1, 1819.

A1715 Reverend Joseph Orton papers, 1825-1842.

A7078 George Augustus Robinson Papers, 1818-1924, Vol. 57.

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Mfm N357, Reel 6065.


Moreton Bay Book of Trials, 13 January 1842.


Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP).

AJCP Reel No. 584 PRO CO 13 Correspondence - Grey to Russell, 29 May 1841.


Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence (COL).

QSA COL/A26/1860/79,381.

QSA COL/A26/1862/, 63, 823.

QSA COL/A185/1873/99.

Lands and Surveys Office (SUR)

QSA SUR/A23/1864/62


ms 5244 James Dredge Papers.

Memoirs of W. Moodie.


Colonial Secretary’s Office (Col Sec), 4/1779; 4/1983.

Colonial Secretary In Letters (CSL).

CSL 41/9744, micro 12. Hodgson, A, Report on Aboriginal Outrage, 27 October 1841.

Commissioner of Crown Lands (CCL) Correspondence and Reports.

CCL 4/2601 Correspondence - Rolleston to Chief Secretary, 15 August and 12 October, 1843.

CCL 4/2620 Bligh, Richard CCL Gwydir to Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands, 10 Jan 1849.


Colonial Secretary’s Office (CSO) 1/316; 1/320; 1/323; 1/330; 1/331; 1/333 Correspondence and other papers relating to the Depredations of the Aborigines.

Van Diemen’s Land Company Records VDL 5/1, No 2 Correspondence.


VPRS Police Magistrates Correspondence: Barton to La Trobe November 24 1840; Blair to La Trobe July 31, 1845.

VPRS 19/42 No 43/330 Correspondence - G. A. Robinson to La Trobe, January 4 1842.

VPRS 19-21 Journal of Neil Black.


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Hobart Town Gazette and Southern Reporter, The (1816-1821), August 31, 1816; March 29, 1817; November 14, 1818; March 13, 1819.

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