The makers of this website respectfully acknowledge the Pambalong Clan of the Awabakal Nation, the traditional custodians of the land where this website is hosted and where most of its development was done. We would also like to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations and Peoples, particularly the traditional custodians of all the places marked on the map. We extend our respect to Elders – past, present and future.

This site contains information about acts of violence that may be distressing. There are no images of people on this website.

From the moment the British invaded Australia in 1788 they encountered active resistance from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owners and custodians of the lands. In the frontier wars which continued until the 1960s massacres became a defining strategy to eradicate that resistance. As a result thousands of Aboriginal men women and children were killed. This site presents a map, timelines, and information about massacres in Central and Eastern Australia from 1794 when the first massacre was recorded until 1930. Only events for which sufficient information remains from the past and can be verified are included. The map also includes information about massacres of British colonists and others in Central and Eastern Australia in the same period. After 1930 the massacres continued but are not included here. Details of incidents of massacres after 1930 will be included in the next stage of the project.

In order to fully understand the information presented here please read the Introduction. This site is presented not as a conclusion but as a beginning. It is intended to reliably inform the history of Australia for anyone researching or telling that history. Every effort has been made to provide the most accurate information possible. There may be corrections, changes and additions, including the rest of the continent, as more information becomes available. To help this research by providing more information please use the contact form.

This research was funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council, PROJECT ID: DP140100399.