Colonial Frontier Massacre Groups

In some cases campaigns of mass killing by a specific group of attackers against a particular group of Aboriginal people were carried out over a wide area over several days or longer. These series of massacres, carried out by the same group of attackers, had the intent of eradicating Aboriginal people from the area.

'Maria', QLD,1872

Reprisal massacres against the Djiru following their killing of some of the survivors of the 'Maria', shipwrecked off Cardwell in 1872. 1. Mission Beach (1) 1872. 2. Clump Point, 1872 3. Mission Beach (2), 1872

Anna's Reservoir, NT, 1884

Reprisal for the wounding of Figg and Coombes at Anna's Reservoir, Aug 1884. These reprisals almost 'wiped out' the Anmatjere population (Kimber, Spencer & Gillen).

Barrow Creek, NT, 1874

This series of reprisals was in response to the attack on the Barrow Creek Telegraph Station on 22 February 1874 following which James Laurence Oliver Stapleton and John Franks died. It was enduring.

Batavia area (Wenlock), QLD, 1889

Five incidents of massacre of Kaanjui people in the Batavia ( Wenlock) area, Cape York Peninsula,, June 1889. 1.Chulangan Campground; 2. Archer River (1); 3.Archer River (2); 4. Archer River (3); 5. Wenlock.

Bowgan, NT, 1892

These massacres occurred in reprisal for the murders on George Williamson Clarke and Charles Deloitte on 30 January 1892 and the later murder of Thomas Augustus Perry on 9 December 1897. Two sites are known at present: (i) Corella Creek; and (ii) Nicholson River

Bradshaw Station, NT, 1885-1896

This group occurred on the newly established Bradshaw Station from 1885 until 1896 and includes Bradshaw Station #1, #2 and #3. They were reprisals for raids on the station store, sheep and cattle killing.

Channel Country, QLD, 1879

Two sites: (i) Annandale Station massacre 5 March 1879; (ii) Glengyle Station massacre, April 1879.

Coniston, NT, 1928

This series of massacres was in reprisal for the murder of Dingo trapper Fred Brooks.

Daly River Copper Mine Reprisals, NT, 1884

The reprisals followed the murder of John Landers, Henry Hauschildt, Johannes Noltenius and Thomas Schollert.

Duncan Campbell, NT, 1882

This series of massacres followed the spearing death of Duncan Campbell at Elsey Station on 15 July 1882.

Hornet Bank, NSW/QLD, 1858

Three reprisal massacres following Hornet Bank massacre in October 1857. Hornet Bank aftermath 1 1857-settlers; Hornet Bank aftermath 2 1857-settlers; Hornet Bank aftermath 3 1858-native police.

John Durack, NT/WA, 1886

These reprisal massacres followed the spearing of 'Big Johnny' Durack near Mt Duncan in 1886. They include Waterloo in the NT and the John Durack Punitive Expedition in the Kimberley region of WA.

Lenehan, NT, 1886

Edward (Ted) Lenehan, a stockman on McArthur River Station, was out "hunting blacks" at the time of his spearing death in 1886. Several reprisals followed.

Mitchell River, QLD, 1864

F and A Jardine lead a cattle droving expedition to the far north of Cape York Peninsula in 1864-65. According to their account during the journey they were challenged by Aboriginal people leading to two massacres near the Mitchell River.

Mole Hill, NT, 1875

This series of massacres took place in reprisal for the killing of Charles Henry Johnston at Roper Bar, NT on 29 June 1875. The sites are (i) Mt McMinn; (ii) Crescent Lagoon; (iii) Harris Lagoon; (iv) Calder Range; (v) Mole Hill.

Quamby Bluff, Western Marshes, VDL, 1827

(i) Westmoreland Falls, 26 June 1827; (ii) Quamby Brook, 3 July 1827; (iii) Quamby 4-6 July 1827; (iv) Quamby, 13 July 1827. The massacres were carried out as a 17 day killing spree between 26 June and 13 July 1827 by a party of six men led by Corporals John Shiners and James Lingan of the 40th Regiment and included field constable Thomas Wiliams, and stockmen Thomas Baker, James Cubit, Henry Smith and William White. The first massacre was in reprisal for the killing of William Knight, overseer of T.C. Simpson's stock-hut at Dairy Plains. The second was in reprisal for the killing of a stock-keeper, an employee of William Field. The third was in reprisal for the Pallittorre killing of two shepherds, employed by William Widowson and Abraham Walker. The 4th massacre was in reprisal for the attempted killing of stock keeper Thomas Baker. It is estimated that about 100 Pallittore were killed in the 4 massacres.

Selwyn Range, QLD, 1879

1. Buckingham Downs 1879; 2. Sulieman Creek, 1879; 3. Goodwood Station, 1879; 4. Monastery Creek, 1879; 5. Dajarra Monument,1879;

Warrigal Creek, PPD/VIC, 1843

A series of 4 massacres of Brataualung people in 1843 in reprisal for the killing of settler Ronald Macalister in Gippsland. The well-armed reprisal party known as the 'Highland Brigade' comprised at least 18 horsemen and was led by Angus McMillan. The massacres took place near Jack Smith Lake: (1) Warrigal Creek Waterhole; (2) Freshwater Creek; (3) Warrigal Creek Mouth; (4) Gammon Creek. It is estimated that 150 Brataualung people were killed overall.

Willeroo, NT, 1892

These massacres occurred in October and November 1892 in reprisal for the murder of William Sydney 'Syd' Scott, the Manager of Willeroo Station. They include Willeroo #1 and Willeroo #2.