Site NameBarrow Creek (1)
This massacre is part of a group of massacres
Aboriginal Place NameJemelke
Language GroupKaititja
Present State/TerritoryNT
Colony/State/Territory at the timeSA
Police DistrictAlice Springs
DateBetween 18 Jul 1873 and 31 Jul 1873
Attack TimeDay
VictimsAboriginal People
Victim DescriptionsAboriginal
Victims Killed30
Victims Killed NotesMen, women and children
Attacker DescriptionsGovernment Official(s)
Attackers Killed0
Attackers Killed Notes
Weapons UsedFirearm(s)
NarrativePeter Vallee wrote: ‘Six months before [the Barrow Creek Telegraph Station attack [which was Feb-April 1874], the Kaititj had experienced a dispersal at the hands of the telegraph staff. “We now know where the natives camp is & I want your authority to close off the office one day so as to go out & try & disperse the whole tribe – they are about 15 miles west from station & may do much more harm if not specifically checked'”, JC Watson at Barrow Creek wired to Charles Todd in Adelaide on July 16 1873…There is no reply from Todd on this file, but note that the request was not for permission to conduct a dispersal, but for approval to do it at public expense’ (Vallee 2004, p 105).
SourcesVallee 2004. (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating**