Otterbourne, Winchester.
Novr 24th 1862

MS Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter/ Yonge 1862/61

My dear Miss Smith

Here is a note for Mr Bourne that I hope may do good service. I am not inclined to augur ill from the selling off of Aggesden, for of course tales do cease to sell after a time, and Parker certainly has published three or four one volume ones since his son’s death, such as Baby Bianca, Martha Brown, or the Queen’s Maries.

I am glad you will kill Mrs Forrest, only recollect to alter Victoria’s saying she would go to her. I am afraid the title would be ‘stuck at’. I should almost like to call it by some name that shewed what was the drift, such as ‘Sternness or Weakness?’ I am tired of names of places and people. I believe you are right not to put Wishop in your collection, as you have one long autobiographical story Somehow I cannot change from one I to another at once in the same book, but I rather think I liked Wishop the best of these two the moral about Kate’s government was so good.

Mr Mozley talked to me a little about Who will go and do likewise when I was at Derby, but I do not think he perceived how much people like it. If you have another copy of a short story about a Rachel that you once offered the M P, I think Good Words might be worth the risk as its pay is high

yours sincerely

C M Yonge

1Envelope addressed to Miss Smith/ 8 Wellington Road/ Charlton/ SE postmarked Winchester 24 November 1862 and London SE 25 November 1862.
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