Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Aug 11th 1863

MS Huntington Library1

Dear Mr Furnivall

Thanks for the list of needs of the letter B. I had been making the like, but found the wants so constantly supplied from the overflowings of your pigeon holes that I grew lazy and desisted.

The printer at Winchester charges 7/6 per 1000 for the titles he prints for us on show paper,2 and we have had 4000 – which have chiefly been used by my mother, as I have generally taken mine from the books that did not furnish enough to make it worth while to print their titles.

I am desiring Parker to send a copy of the Christian Names to the Reader. I think he never sends his books widely to reviews, though I never could make out what was the principle of selection as some certainly are sent out. If you are kind enough to review the book, I shall look out for the notice with great interest. I have only had two really useful and improving reviews of it, one in the Saturday, and one in the Nonconformist, a good many besides civil and useless. I hope nobody thinks I know all the languages there in referred to! In fact I fear there is plenty of internal evidence that I only got up what I wanted as I wanted it, and that not in the most thorough manner, and that I very much broke down in the correcting of the press.

Yours faithfully

C M Yonge

1Black-edged paper.
2Presumably slips of paper with the name of the book printed on the top where the usage of each individual word could be added.
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