Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
May 29th 1865

MS British Library Add MSS 54920: 88-89

My dear Mr Macmillan,
Here is the notice of Cawnpore1 but I shall not be surprised if you do not think it the thing. The whole was too overpowering to say many words about and I have run into mere narrative more than I meant at first from the very force of the events. I am obliged to send it without any other eye over it, as my mother cannot bear to think of the horrors. I wish every school boy would read the book these holidays, it would pale the excitement of Captain Mayne Reid. I have sent a much shorter notice of the book to the Literary Churchman in pursuance of a paper on boy literature I have done before.

I have received the volumes of Kitto’s Pictorial History and much enjoy reading them. Thanks for the loan. I have sent the proof to be looked over by a clerical friend whose criticisms have always helped me much.

Yours sincerely
C M Yonge

1Her review of George Otto Trevelyan's book about the massacre at Cawnpore during the Indian Mutiny appeared in Macmillan's Magazine in July.
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