Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Aug 26th [1868]

MS University of Iowa; MsL/Y56

Dear Miss Finchcliffe,
I am very glad to have seen Edith Crawley’s letter which I return with many thanks.1 I had proposed the Irishwoman to Mrs Gray for the Cape ladies, and she had rejected her, but perhaps they know their own plans best. I am glad that another and elder lady has been added to them for someone to take the command was much wanted.

I am glad that dear Miss Mackenzie is so much better, but it has been a long illness. These last two or three days have been very sad with us, my mother has become so much more feeble and seems to be losing her appetite, but it is most thank worthy that she is quite free from all suffering.

Yours sincerely

1Edith Crawley was a second cousin of CMY's, and was one of the women who accompanied the Rt. Rev. Robert Gray and his wife Sophia (Myddleton) Gray (d.1871) on his return to his diocese of Cape Town. They included Mary Anderson Morshead, and Anna Jane (Fair) Seymour; the latter may have been the older lady CMY mentions.

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