Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
March 3d 1871

MS Princeton University, Parrish Collection

My dear Miss Sewell,
Would you mind my changing the time of your proposed session to the later day you had fixed. I am asked to spend a day or two at Mr Portal’s to meet the Bishop on the 10th, and that is a thing I should like so much to do that I venture to ask you to change the day. 1 The week after I go to Miss Dyson.

I think you said at first Friday the 21st. My only objection to a Friday is that I want to begin a class of freshly confirmed girls on Friday evenings (the confirmation is on the 1st and I think if I break it up so soon after the first start it will never come to good – but that does not signify as an objection.

Would the Monday after suit you as well? I hope I an not putting out your plans very much

Yours sincerely
C M Yonge

1Melville Portal (1819-1904), a local landowner.

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The Letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge(1823-1901) edited by Charlotte Mitchell, Ellen Jordan and Helen Schinske.

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  1. Ellen Jordan says:

    I have possibly done some mistranscription here. If any reader is ever in Princeton could s/he check if the bracket before “the confirmation” is ever closed, and whether “I an not putting” should be “I am not putting”?

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