Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
April 25th 1872

MS Royal College of Surgeons, London, Hunter-Baillie collection 0014/7/244 1

My dear Cousin
Thank you for your note. The character you give dear Coley is I think almost exactly what Bishop Abraham, [in] the papers in St Luke’s Magazine, and his own letters, have been helping me to trace, but I am very glad of your confirmation of it.2 Can you remember anything about his giving a seal to Bishop Selwyn when he came to take leave at Eton before his first going out. It is spoken of in a letter but neither the Selwyns nor Pattesons can recollect anything about it. I am glad you mentioned the copying. It is sometimes referred to in his letters but I had not spoken of it. Any time that it is convenient to you to send the letters I shall be grateful for them, but they will not come into immediate use for a month or six weeks as I have only reached the Oxford period, and I am just now a good deal interrupted. Perhaps I had better write when I am close upon the need for them, and ask for them. I am very anxious to shew how extensive his mind and interests were.

Your affectionate cousin
C M Yonge

1Other letters in this collection are addressed to the Rev. Edward Coleridge; letter 242 is from Max Müller enclosing letters from Bishop Patteson for CMY’s biography; 239 from Sir John Taylor Coleridge, about his own illness; 246 last page of letter from Bishop Patteson, when Selwyn’s chaplain, giving his views on New Zealand politics, especially his disagreement with the Governor.
2 CMY was researching her biography of Bishop Patteson. Coleridge was Bishop Patteson's uncle, and had taught him at Eton, but was also an important British supporter of the Melanesian mission.

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