Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester.
Oct 30th 1874

MS Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

My dear Elizabeth
I have been waiting till the wedding was over to write to you and should have done it before post time today but that Mrs Newland brought her children to a dancing lesson and came in here. I am afraid you did not get the fine day on SS Simon & Jude though I don’t think it was quite so bad as some. Gertrude was very bad the day you mentioned and the one after, and was long in getting back to her usual state again, but I think she is quite well now, she is so sorry to have lost such a piece of your visit Thank you for looking up the Golden Rose, it seems a very odd fancy of Luther to put it in1 I think his Hebrew must rather have broken down there. One would not have thought such a Pascal article would be so much in favour with him that he should go out of his way to bring it in. You just missed Miss Roberts, the president of your sister Dora’s essay society who dropped in a few days after you had gone, after some travels in Switzerland, and brought Gertrude a wonderful assortment of wild flowers dried I wish you could see as I can now, the horse chesnuts [sic] at the bottom of the hill are all brilliant apricot colour and when the green grass is ?searching, and a big purple black cloud behind has a low sun shining on it, it is splendid.

We did much enjoy your visit and should have done so more if that unlucky rheumatiz would have kept off!

Your affectionate
C M Yonge

1Luther used a rose as his personal seal. A golden rose was offered by the Pope in 1518 to his protector the the Elector Frederick the Wise of Saxony. CMY presumably refers to one or other of these tales.

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