Elderfield, Otterbourne, Winchester
April 6, 1875

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life 261-2

My dear Marianne

I heard this morning that good old Mr. Gibbs is gone – on Friday night – his flowers fresh in our church. We had a very successful day, and no doubt Amélie has told you about it1, the Confirmation afterwards, thirty-five of our children, the girls led off by Helen, Amy, and Gerty and six of the school-girls with such sweet solemn faces, and a Cranbury man who had been baptized on Easter Sunday.2 Afterwards fifty-four mothers had tea in the school, and Mr. Ashwell made them a capital speech about what depended on them. So many are my own old girls. One woman is one of seven sisters, and there are and have been twenty-five already at school of the second generation of that family. A good number were communicants next day. I had a feast of talk with Mr. Ashwell, but imagine his materials for the Bishop’s life – he never destroyed a letter!3 He spoke highly of your godson, and enthusiastically of his wife. Well, I think you will get on well with your young Vicar, and I am sure you will like his mother; I never heard any one find a fault with her.4 No time for more.

Your most affectionate
C. M. Yonge

1At the time of the 1871 census Amélie Leroy (1851-1934), later a novelist as ‘Esmé Stuart’, was living with Mary Anne Dyson in Crookham and working as a teacher in her school.
2Apart from CMY's niece Helen Yonge, the named confirmation candidates were perhaps Amy Jones-Bateman, whose father was a great friend of Julian Yonge's, and Gertrude Webber, stepdaughter of the Rev. Walter Elgie, the curate.
3He was writing the life of Samuel Wilberforce.
4The new vicar of Crookham cum Ewshott was the Rev. Gordon Wickham, whose father had been second master of Winchester College.
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