[May 1876]

MS fragment West Devon Area Record Office Acc No 308: ?-5-76

[To Mary Yonge]

which he was convicted he has had two years imprisonment & hard labour and to be watched by the police for 5 years more.

The learned say the Easter moon is right at the place which fixes for all the world. It was not full before noon which is the time they count from. You see if the full moon as it is in each place were reckoned some countries would have it on a different day. I hope Julian’s affairs are mending, he is in much better spirits about them. One change is to be parting with the governess and sending Alethea and Maurice to school. Alethea wants the discipline, and it is high time for Maurice who is a very big boy but very slow. Have you heard yet from Jane Moore. I think she must have had her good Bishop in her house for Mr Jacob’s last letter said she has telegraphed to him to come to her at R. P.1 Gertrude has been for a drive to Winchester. I never saw

1The Rev. Edgar Jacob (1844-1920), at this time a chaplain in Bengal and subsequently (1895) Bishop of Newcastle and (1903) St. Albans. He was the brother of CMY's friends and neighbours Edith and Gertrude Jacob. Jane (Colborne) Montgomery Moore’s husband was Lieut-Col. commanding the 4th Hussars, who were stationed at Rawalpindi.
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