Otterbourne, Winchester.
October 4th 1859

MS Westcountry Studies Library, Exeter/ Yonge 1859/101

My dear Miss Smith
I was on a visit in Devonshire when your note reached me, or I would sooner have written to thank you for telling me of the commencement of the printing of Aggesden Vicarage. I suppose Mr Parker intends to have it out in the ‘publishing season’ at Christmas, and I hope it will progress.

Frances Dysart has given unmitigated satisfaction except by coming to an end, everyone likes and admires her, but I am often asked why she has come to an end and have to explain that the author’s rigid truthfulness forbade a pleasant catastrophe.

I like the Wynnes much as they proceed, (and so does the Literary Churchman)2 Those Kelsos are delightful, and enliven the story very much, and we are quite in love with William, but I cannot think what is to become of Henrietta

yours sincerely
C M Yonge

1With envelope addressed to Miss A F C Smith/ Old Charlton Rectory/ S E and postmarked Winchester 4 October and London SE 5 October 1859.
2‘Periodicals’ The Literary Churchman (16 Sept 1859) 344: ‘Of the Churchman’s Companion after awarding the usual meed of praise to the ‘Wynnes’, we are constrained to say that the September number is a little tame.’
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