Oct 29th 1859

MS Princeton University, Parrish Collection, C0171: Box 29

My dear Sir,
I have to thank you for the pretty tale of the Nut Brown Maids which we are reading with much interest and pleasure.

Some months ago, Miss Roberts, I believe, wrote to you about a tale of the Roman Revolution of 1848 which you rejected. She has since lent me the M S and I am so much struck with it, that I cannot for bear venturing to ask whether it were an account of the ill success of the Two Mottoes or on its own merits that you declined it. If the first, may I be allowed to say that I think the former stories no criterion for the present, which is exceedingly in advance of them. The former ones were weak and youthful – this is on new ground, and full of very pretty descriptions of scenery, and characters that I should think admirable, the manners giving a very new and interesting picture. Some friends of mine who are now reading it and who have been much in Italy are delighted with the faithfulness of the picture, and I can hardly believe it can be otherwise than very popular.

Miss Roberts is now abroad, and has left it in my hands, to endeavour to procure its publication. Before taking further measures, I could not forbear asking you (in case it had only been rejected because of the unfortunate Two Mottoes) to reconsider the verdict, for I candidly think it a book not to be rejected. I have thought more highly of the book since some recent articles in the Saturday Review, which seemed like a comment on it. I own that I expected little from the M S judging by her former works, but I was surprised and delighted with this, I will await your answer before taking any further step

Yours faithfully
C.M. Yonge

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