Elderfield, Otterbourne
November 4, 1899.

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life, 304

My dear Ellie-
Thank you for your letter. We have heard nothing more, and hardly look for anything, and indeed there had been only one letter from him since he joined Baden-Powell, but that was enough to leave us no doubt that it is himself. 1 I am so glad he had that year at home after the Matabele War.

He was very much loved here. There was to have been a ‘Social Evening,’ but the people begged to put it off for they could not enjoy it.-

Your affectionate

1CMY's nephew George Yonge, killed on 22 October 1899 at Crocodile River, Rhodesia, during the Boer War.

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The Letters of Charlotte Mary Yonge(1823-1901) edited by Charlotte Mitchell, Ellen Jordan and Helen Schinske.

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