February 26, 1901

MS location unknown. Printed in Coleridge, Life, 347

My dear Lottie-
How are you getting on ; I am afraid there is not much change any way and that your hands are full.

I believe Helen is somewhere either in the Bay of Biscay or the Chops of the Channel; she sailed on the 18th, and in a nice cabin with her goldfinches, and after to-morrow I may have a telegram any day to say she is in the Thames.

Christabel talks of coming on the 7th or 8th; 1 will let you know when, as you might be able to come over and see them.

Poor Reggie has never been well since he went to St. Leonards; Alethea is going over to-morrow to see about him and bring him home.

Cordelia Steer was to come to her grandmother for good, as soon as she has fully recovered on the Blue Mountains from her fever. Charles and Ada are in their new house.

Fancy a girl writing to me for my autograph and saying she had got Lord Roberts, and hoped to get General Buller when she knew his address. I could not help telling her that I thought it very impertinent to worry a busy General about a young lady’s fashion of collection. I wonder if she will heed.-

Your affectionate

Mr. Hare’s recollections are very entertaining, brimful of Ghost Stories.

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