Site Name Buxton's Property, East Coast
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Oyster Bay / Little Swanport
Colony VDL
Present State/Territory TAS
Police District Waterloo Point
Latitude -42.19
Longitude 147.883
Date 14 Mar 1826
Attack Time night
Victims Aboriginal People
Victims Killed 6
Victims Killed Notes Killed: M at least 6 unspecified, F; Probable: M F; Possible: M F; Wounded: M F
Attackers Colonisers: Field Police, Stockkeeper
Attackers Killed 1
Attackers Killed Notes Killed: M 1 Roberts, a servant, of settler Buxton, F; Wounded: M F
Transport Foot
Motive Reprisal
Weapons Used Firearms, muskets, pistols, blades, bayonets
Narrative Following the alleged killing of Roberts by Oyster Bay warriors, a convict servant assigned to settler Thomas Buxton, at 'Mayfield', Oyster Bay, the magistrate at Waterloo Point recorded four or five years later, that at the time of the incident a party went out after them and that one Aborigine was wounded. A few years later Buxton’s neighbour, Dr Story, interviewed Buxton’s daughter about the incident and sent her account to historian James Bonwick. She said that the party killed several Aborigines at their camp that night.
Sources TAHO CSO 1/316: 840; Bonwick 1870: 117. (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating **