Site Name Butchers Creek
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Tatungalung
Colony PPD
Present State/Territory VIC
Police District Gippsland
Latitude -37.881
Longitude 147.869
Date Between 1 Jan 1841 and 31 Dec 1841
Attack Time day
Victims Aboriginal People
Victims Killed 30
Victims Killed Notes Killed: M 30 F; Probable: M F; Possible: M F; Wounded: M F
Attackers Colonisers: Settler
Attackers Killed 0
Attackers Killed Notes Killed: M F; Wounded: M F
Transport Horse
Motive Reprisal
Weapons Used Firearms
Narrative According to Gippsland historian Peter Gardner, after Kurnai warriors were alleged to have speared cattle on the Avon River, a reprisal party of 12 armed settlers pursued them on horseback and after crossing the Mitchell, Nicholson and Tambo Rivers, eventually trapped them at Butchers Creek, a small inlet of Lake Victoria 'just to the east of Metung', where they were slaughtered. The details of the massacre were later provided by Colin McLaren, one of the perpetrators. The others were Angus McMillan, Dr Arbuckle, Tom Macalister, Colin Macalister, Mc Donald, Bath, Conners, Lawrence, Gilbert and at least two Omeo Aborigines. According to Gardner, 'This list is by no means exhaustive, it being possible that Ronald Macalister was also an early participant.'
Sources Gardner 2001: 49-52; Gardner 2010: 3, 9. (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating **