Site Name Kilcoy
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Giggarbarah, Woongunbarah and other groups in transit
Colony NSW
Present State/Territory QLD
Police District
Latitude -26.884
Longitude 152.584
Date Between 1 Feb 1842 and 28 Feb 1842
Attack Time day
Victims Aboriginal People
Victims Killed 60
Victims Killed Notes Killed: M 60, F; Probable: M F; Possible: M F; Wounded: M F
Attackers Colonisers: shepherds
Attackers Killed 0
Attackers Killed Notes Killed: M F; Wounded: M F
Motive Opportunity
Weapons Used Poison
Narrative Flour laced with strychnine was given to a large group of Aboriginal people at Kilcoy station by two shepherds, resulting in the deaths of at least sixty of them. The shepherds were employed by Evan MacKenzie, lessee of Kilcoy station.
Sources Lang 1847: 279; Qld Parlt Legislative Assembly: 1861:19 Select Ctee in to the Native Police; Queenslander, May 21, 1892: 987,; SMH 5 December 1842 (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating ***