Site Name Paterson River, Hunter Valley
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Wonnarua
Colony NSW
Present State/Territory NSW
Police District Wallis Plains
Latitude -32.563
Longitude 151.62
Date Between 22 Feb 1827 and 25 Feb 1827
Attack Time day
Victims Aboriginal People
Victims Killed 12
Victims Killed Notes Killed: M 12, F; Probable: M F; Possible: M F; Wounded: M F
Attackers Colonisers: Shepherd
Attackers Killed 1
Attackers Killed Notes 1M Wounded:
Transport Foot
Motive Reprisal
Weapons Used Firearms, muskets
Narrative A shepherd on EG Cory's estate at Paterson River killed a dog belonging to Wonnarua warriors. In reprisal the Wonnarua wounded the shepherd and set fire to the corn crop. In reprisal the shepherd gathered other shepherds and workmen on the estate and attacked the Wonnarua and killed 12 of them. On 25 August 1877, the Maitland Mercury recorded the following, 'a man who was present, as he admits, when a party had formed for the purpose of punishing the blacks for pulling cobs of maize in the field, and carrying it off in their nets to their camps. Observing some smoke rising from the midst of the Wallalong Brush, they armed themselves with muskets, and reached unobserved to the camp, where a considerable of men, women and children were. They fired at upon them, killing some and wounding others. The rest fled through the bush, pursued by the whites, and then the whole of the natives took to the water intervening between the brush and the high land, towards which it gradually deepened, and some of the poor creatures drowned.'
Sources The Australian, March 3, 1827: 3; Sydney Gazette, March 22,1827: 2, March 24, 1827: 3 Maitland Mercury, 25 August 1877, p.10. (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating **