Site NamePabaju Albany Island
Aboriginal Place NamePabaju Island
Language GroupGudang
Present State/TerritoryQLD
Colony/State/Territory at the timeQLD
Police DistrictCook
DateBetween 1 Jun 1869 and 30 Jun 1869
Attack TimeDay
VictimsAboriginal People
Victim DescriptionsAboriginal
Victims Killed10
Victims Killed NotesKilled:M8 F;Wounded:M F
Attacker DescriptionsMilitary, Sailor(s)
Attackers Killed0
Attackers Killed NotesKilled: M F; Probable: M F; Possible: M F; Wounded: M F
Weapons UsedFirearm(s), Rifle(s)
NarrativeIn June 1869, Police Magistrate Frank Jardine orchestrated an ambush party comprising a boatload of marines and at least five others on shore to ambush four Gudang turtle hunters on the beach at Pabaju Albany Island opposite Kaleebe (Somerset). The surgeon Dr Richard Cannon accompanied the party on shore. The four turtle hunters were shot dead and later that day a further six Gudang were chased in their canoe and also shot (Sharp, 1992, p 39).
SourcesBottoms, 2013, pp 127-128; Sharp, 1992, pp 38-39. (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating**