Site Name Auvergne Massacre
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Gurindji
Colony NT
Present State/Territory NT
Police District Timber Creek
Latitude -15.807
Longitude 129.748
Date Between 23 Mar 1918 and 2 Apr 1918
Attack Time day
Victims Aboriginal People: Warriors
Victims Killed 7
Victims Killed Notes Milderong, Wilpelum, Warook, Doorakborough, Youburen (alleged to have speared MacDonald), Wungarrie and Yomgurrior. These were just the bodies recovered. There could have been more. Another man, Lingerry, was wounded (shot) in the calf of his leg.
Attackers Colonisers: Mounted Police
Attackers Killed 1
Attackers Killed Notes Alexander MacDonald, employee of Auvergne Station.
Transport Horse
Motive Reprisal
Weapons Used Spears, Firearms
Narrative Alexander MacDonald was speared after sundown near Dick’s Creek, 8 miles from the Auvergne Station homestead, on 23 March 1918. He was employed at the station and was fixing fences, camped near the creek and found with two spear wounds in his back and one in his left arm. The Aboriginal accused were pursued into the stone country of Razorback Mountain (now known as Razorback Hill) on the West Baines River by Mounted Constable O’Connor and a party comprised of Archie Skuthorp (Manager, Auvergne Station), George Campbell, Bobby Frank and Peter (Aboriginal tracker). O’Connor entered details in the Timber Creek Police Station Copy Book. Three Aboriginal men were shot and killed on Razorback Mountain – names recorded as Milderong, Wilpelum and Warook and one was wounded – on 29 March. On 2 April, another four were found dead in the water in a gorge after the party opened fire following an ambush. They were identified as Doorakborough, Youburen (alleged to have speared MacDonald), Wungarrie and Yomgurrior. The wounded man was Lingerry and all belonged to the Cuderong tribe. What became of Lingerry (ie whether he survived) is not known. The Aboriginal attack was led by Youburen, according to Frank, an Aboriginal man.
Sources Timber Creek Police Station Copy Book, 10 April 1918; Timber Creek Police Station Register of Reported Deaths, 1895-1944; NTTG 20 April 1918: 24; 11 May 1918: 15; Riverine Herald, 24 June 1918: 3; Morrison (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating ***