Site Name Newry Station, Keep River, East Kimberley/ Northern Territory
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Mirrawong Gadjerong
Colony WA
Present State/Territory WA
Police District East Kimberley
Latitude -15.069
Longitude 129.141
Date Between 1 Jan 1890 and 31 Dec 1899
Attack Time Day
Victims Aboriginal People
Victims Killed 40
Victims Killed Notes 40-60
Attackers Colonisers
Attackers Killed 0
Attackers Killed Notes
Transport Horse
Motive Opportunity
Weapons Used Winchesters, Revolvers
Narrative Jack Sullivan 'I lived on the Keep river, which goes right from the coast to Newry Station. There were all Gadjerong people along the coast until the white men shot them. Half of them died and some of the young men were brought into the stations to quieten them and to learn the horses, like me. All the Gadjerong people were taken out of their country or were put on the stations or were killed.' [Shaw 1983: 35.]
Sources Shaw 1983: 35; Owen 2016: 335. (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating **