Site Name Texas Downs - East Kimberley
Aboriginal Place Name
Language Group Worla, Kitja, Jaru
Colony WA
Present State/Territory WA
Police District East Kimberley
Latitude -17.784
Longitude 127.685
Date Between 1 Jan 1908 and 31 Dec 1908
Attack Time day
Victims Aboriginal People
Victims Killed 9
Victims Killed Notes 9-15
Attackers Colonisers
Attackers Killed 0
Attackers Killed Notes
Transport Horse
Motive Reprisal
Weapons Used Winchesters, Revolvers
Narrative Hector Chunda Texas Downs - 'Lot of people bin get killed longa Texas Downs. Right longa where that house is (present homestead) Right Under there. He never bin have em house there then. They bin have em bamboo, what they make spear with, that kind of thing bion grow there. Shoot them and burn em up there. And next time they bin go over to Mirririji there, another creek. That’s the station Creek, another creek there. Just not to far away from house. Shootem there shoot em there, finish em up. Some young women they bin tie em up, bring em here (Turkey Creek). Young women, for working. Some kartiya bin married to him, black woman, young girl. They bin have em for wife or something like that. That’s the way plenty half-castes now.' [Ross and E. Bray, 1989: Account by Hector Chunda, p.20.]
Sources Clement 1989: 21-22; Shaw, 1986: 98-101; Shaw, 1998: passim; Ross and Bray, 1989:.20. (Sources PDF)
Corroboration Rating ***