How To Use The Map

  1. Click a dot for more information, then 'Full details' for the narrative, a 3D terrain view and to read the sources if available online.
    yellow dot and pop up showing Myall Creek details
  2. Press the green play and stop button at top right to animate over time.
    Grey square burger, green play button, blue question mark.
  3. Adjust the time tool to see a limited span of time.
    yellow time span selected
    Then use it's play and pause, at top left, for a close look at change over time.
    play button on timeline
  4. Click and drag to move the map and use the + and - buttons at top left to zoom, as with other web maps. Alternatively use the mouse scroll wheel or pinch
    plus and minus zoom buttons
  5. Read the Introduction to understand what information is on the map and why.

Video Walk Through

Watch to see how to use parts of this site and find information.