March 24. 1865

Copy outletter book British Library Add MSS. 55384 (1): P. 291

Dear Miss Yonge
I am writing to Mrs Vaughan & will tell her with how much pleasure I consent to her using the story from Golden Deeds. I will remind you when we reprint, that you may give us the additional story.

I don’t think I ever congratulated you on the marvellous good scotch you give us in the Clever Woman.1 I, a western man, from the Land of Burns, claim a classical purity in my own Scotch taste and could detect no flaw.

When you have any ’Bethlehem’ done I would rather like to have, say a chapter to make experiments in type to.

The Sunday Library scheme, could I have no doubt, be arranged in the way you indicate. My feeling that substantially no one whom I would wish to help in it, would disagree with your feeling. I am sure by dwelling in all cases on the life, there will be so much the less chance of straying from the light. But the organisation will want a little help. I shall be so grateful for guidance even if you do not feel free to assume the responsibility. I am anxious however, that Mrs Gatty should not be asked, at least as from me, and for this reason. She has published with my excellent friend George Bell for many years. I would like exceedingly to keep up the old loyal policy between author & publisher so far as I could, and this would be like poaching on a friends preserves. I think I can safely say I have never done so yet. In a scheme which I want to do good I would like to avoid it. Otherwise I admire her & shall much [illegible]. Miss Keary tells me about your ’Goslings’. Any very good one I would certainly not object [to]. I rather fancy new brain. But we will have time to talk over all this.

Have you quite decided on the title of your story for the Mag. ‘The Dove in the Eagle’s Nest’ is slightly sentimental. I dont know that it is any worse for that. But perhaps a somewhat simpler one would do better.

Yours very faithfully
A. Macmillan

1In The Clever Woman of the Family there is a housekeeper who speaks broad Scottish.
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